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Life or something like it

July 27, 2015


It’s been a while. Almost a lifetime! haha. Tons of things came and changed my life in the last year, for the better. It’s exciting- life these days. Except the other day, it was… more exciting… than the other days. * And as i went out of the car the other night… on that rainy […]

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Keep Track of Your Travels with Off Exploring

February 9, 2015


When you’re on the road and backpacking across foreign lands, there are so many things that you’d like to share to your friends and family. You take snapshots and do your best to remember all the smallest details of your travels so that you can share the experience with all those that you care about […]

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Kalinga: On Coming Home

September 24, 2014


good morning

sun was out. scorching. its rays were piercing. on top of the jeepney, our only aid in surviving the sweltering heat was a bottle of emperador. fight fire with fire. we tanked up on alcohol with hopes that it will be enough to numb our senses from the punishing sun. somehow it did, to a certain […]

taming the bird

September 18, 2014


taming the bird

  gone were the days when i would scramble for best travel deals/airline tickets online. i traveled often then. something changed. now, i received a notification that my airline miles will expire today. hmmm. what happened to wanderlust? tamed down?

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degrees of happiness

September 2, 2014



      the trails i treaded in the past few months were unfamiliar but long-awaited. i will dig deep into details in the next few days. last weekend, i had the privilege to trek up in the far-flung village of Kalinga for a voluntary/charity work. the first photo was the path to the villages and […]

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it’s a date!

May 21, 2014


  last weekend i went on a date. it was SUPER. and since i had been out of the dating scene, since forever, i was elated when i got the invite. yes, i did not invite myself as i was actually invited. and not just any ordinary date. it was a group date. it was […]

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i die. Udaipur

May 2, 2014



the Monsoon Palace or Sajjan Garh is perched on top of Bansdara peak  along the Aravalli hill range . it towers above the city- which lays on flat land- at more than 3000ft. it has sweeping panoramas- Udaipur city on the east and the Aravallis on the west. our first day in Udaipur almost became […]


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