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Day 33: Slow Burn

March 31, 2013


i had been away for 33 days now. failed to bring my laptop. all photos are still in SD cards. quite happy with the photographs so far. and the trip, couldn’t be any happier. lots of things happened. people met. places seen. just amazing experiences. updates. soon. excited about the pictures. one of the finest […]

life on the slow lane

November 26, 2012


now, it feels like im stuck again. uninspired to dream. unmotivated to move. sadly still.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

July 20, 2012


part of The Daily Posts' Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming photo taken in a train while on transit from ChiangMai to Bangkok

July 12, 2012



December 22, 2011


home doesnt feel home anymore… i just came home this morning after 3months… two months of which were spent working my ass off in some 5star hotel in Qatar and just this month i started my own backpacking trip… well, its not as grand as i wanted it to be. but its a good start. […]

first class. first time

November 3, 2011


i was high in alcohol that day. and everything else were in high class except me.

>sunday gloomy sunday

February 7, 2011


> isa sa mga araw na walang kwenta… lumipas ng walang nangyayari…

>turning into a new leaf

February 2, 2011


> ***as much as i really wanted to keep this site updated with my musings and whatnot.. i just cant find time(excuse)/interest to write about them. im an expert in procrastination, it comes out naturally, damn. patong patong na yon mga, stories etc.. walang nappost..hehe. so to compensate for that am gonna post new […]

>sleepless night

January 7, 2011


>i lied in bed for an hour. i thought i was sleepy but i just cant hit it off. i tried to relax myself, closed eyes, thought of nothing,even spanked the monkey but all failed. it could be because of the coffee i had after dinner or sheer anxiety for my trip this noon. we […]


December 31, 2010


> some orange streaks oddly emblazoned in the gray-cloud-adorned,pale blue sky. it comes like a painting framed by my window pane. delicate, gentle, coupled with just the right amount of gloom. while a gush of cold christmas breeze afloats steadily in the air keeping the mercury in the scale at 20. an atmosphere fit for a […]


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