>of construction sites and beauty parlors

Posted on March 25, 2008


before the summer kicked off, i promised myself that all my weekends to be fun..
last weekend was no difrent..twas a blast..thanks to sheer spontaneiety.. unplanned.. nevertheless fun

got out of the office ’round 7.. was planning to go to DV with an opism8.. it didnt pushed through though since its still holy week.so probably stores are still closed.. opted to grab an almusal..went to Sinangag.. sarap dito tas mura..
then buko juice, smoke and a lil chat why life is so short but Gs isnt..

then i went home got my stuff..racket and a couple of clean clothes..tas diretso na sa san lorenzo to meet ruth,fara,ronnie,
Radek Stepanek and Nicole Vaidosova(i’m terrible with names..totally)..
got there at around 11..at dahil mainit na..nagkayayaan na lumipat sa covered court.. off we went to T.Morato..
may friend sila ron na may ari ng private covered tennis court..since lunch time..we decided to drop by at J Jays..
sarap nun sinigang sa miso..at kangkong lechon ekek..di napigilan magkarne..
after lunch,went str8 to xaymaca.. astig dahil sa backdoor ng bar pagbukas ng pinto makikita na dun un court.. carpet un surface..had 3 long,tiring(very) games with stepanek and ferrero.. we lost..ksma ko si ronnie..2nd set lang nakuha nmn.. went to SM afterwards..around 6 na yta.. fara bought a new pair of kicks..
nakauwi sa bahay mga 11pm na.. after 3 tennis games and more than 30hours of being awake.. i slept..

sunday..late na nagising..mga 11am.. around 2 dinaanan na kami ni ron tas diretso na sa court..buko juice along the way.. after the game..bili ng 1 bilaong palabok sa red ribbon..at cake pra sa surprise bday ekek kay fara.. uwi sa bahay..chibog.. tas around 10..diretso sa Bar ni ron sa Pque.. layooo..kc yon bahay sa tandang sora pa.. anyway..sulit namn..lasing as usual..coors-san mig tas pitcher ng mix drink.. vazquez ekek daw un name.. vodka,blue gin,strawberry at lychee..ayos.. yon place..ayos lang din. medyo tahimik..hehe..kc un sounds acoustic stuff.part owned n i ron..kool guy..check this out..he wears hard hat and works at construction site during the day..tas he runs a beauty parlor on the side..haha laughtrip..imagine giving your construction workers free manicure and kulot..haha kickasss.. he’s not gay btw..

hatid ako sa makati around 2am..drunk.. woke up 11am monday..
cute nga pla nun pusa sa bar..

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