>riding whales

Posted on March 27, 2008


>this is Pacific Time
i think moys gonna die or somethin…somethin stupid cgro…

[12:25] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i am sad
[12:25] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i am genuinely sad
[12:25] moymoymoymoymoymoy: im not even sure if my spelling is right
[12:26] pinoydaysleeper: anak ng
[12:26] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i’ll eat every piece of mockery that i’ll get now
[12:26] pinoydaysleeper: then.. i have something that will cheer u up
[12:27] moymoymoymoymoymoy: bring it on
[12:27] pinoydaysleeper: naks
[12:27] moymoymoymoymoymoy: feed me
[12:27] moymoymoymoymoymoy: im not sure if im gonna be happy or not
[12:27] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i feel double the exhaustion
[12:27] moymoymoymoymoymoy: double everything
[12:27] pinoydaysleeper: so pag malungkot ka.. kailangan diretsong english
[12:27] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i can’t even explain it
[12:28] moymoymoymoymoymoy: im a bit drunk
[12:28] moymoymoymoymoymoy: just get along with it
[12:28] pinoydaysleeper: wow.. its hard u know
[12:28] pinoydaysleeper: may trip next week
[12:28] pinoydaysleeper: fri-monbday
[12:28] moymoymoymoymoymoy: where????
[12:28] pinoydaysleeper: this is the bomb mga kuya
[12:28] moymoymoymoymoymoy: fuckin where?>!?!?!??!??
[12:29] pinoydaysleeper: wait
[12:29] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i wanna drown myself
[12:29] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i wanna swim with the mermaids and the fishes
[12:29] pinoydaysleeper: UBBE: CARAMOAN + CamSur Wakeboarding
[12:29] moymoymoymoymoymoy: in the sea
[12:29] moymoymoymoymoymoy: can i drown there?
[12:29] pinoydaysleeper: caramoan…
[12:30] pinoydaysleeper: thats in the fuckin bicol peninsula
[12:30] pinoydaysleeper: yan ang hottest koya
[12:30] pinoydaysleeper: dagdagan mo pa
[12:30] moymoymoymoymoymoy: just spill it
[12:30] pinoydaysleeper: WAKEBOARDING sa camsur
[12:30] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i am in dire need of those things now
[12:30] pinoydaysleeper: all in one weekend
[12:30] pinoydaysleeper: tsk tsk tsk
[12:31] pinoydaysleeper: actually may scheduled galera this weekend.. pwde ka sumama.. pero mukhang di ko n sasamahan un.. kc gagastos dun sa next weekend
[12:31] pinoydaysleeper: limited lang slots
[12:31] pinoydaysleeper: grrr
[12:31] moymoymoymoymoymoy: im not going there
[12:31] pinoydaysleeper: adrenalin lang katapat niyang loneliness mo
[12:32] moymoymoymoymoymoy: not that i hate the place
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: camsur
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: wakeboarding!!!
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: booom
[12:32] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i just dont want to go to galera this summer
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: yon n yown
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: koool
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: pangit dun
[12:32] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i know
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: though it looked better now..
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: un galera
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: tsk tsk tsk
[12:32] moymoymoymoymoymoy: dont u know any beach trips that u can ride whales
[12:32] pinoydaysleeper: anyway
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: swim with dolphins
[12:33] pinoydaysleeper: are u fuckin high man
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: shits like that
[12:33] pinoydaysleeper: and fly with the unicorns
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: im not high!!!!
[12:33] pinoydaysleeper: koool
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: yes
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: with yunicorns
[12:33] pinoydaysleeper: just ride the waves
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: no
[12:33] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i want it with whales
[12:34] moymoymoymoymoymoy: like the whale-eating-man type of whale
[12:34] pinoydaysleeper: maybe thats shark man
[12:34] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i hope there are whales who can do that
[12:34] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i dont like sharks
[12:34] moymoymoymoymoymoy: they’re full of mercury
[12:35] moymoymoymoymoymoy: i wanna be devoured whole
[12:35] moymoymoymoymoymoy: good timing
[12:36] moymoymoymoymoymoy: big hard sun is playing
[12:36] moymoymoymoymoymoy: im going home
[12:36] Meebo Message: moymoymoymoymoymoy is offline

“moy is offline”
watever that suppose to mean..

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