Posted on April 17, 2008



The Bottom Line

There’s no particular direction you need to follow right now — follow your whims.

In Detail

There’s no particular direction you need to head in right now, which is simultaneously frightening and exciting. So how do you decide where to go from here? The process of picking a path doesn’t always have to be based on logic or facts. This time, move according to your whims. Curious about how wine is made? Visit a winery and get a first-hand look. Interested in worldwide politics? Spend time online today, reading news sites from other countries. It’s a big, diverse world. Go explore!

wow.. its not like im a believer of horoscopes or watnot.. but sure it knows humour.. and it never fails to make me smile once in a while.

first..im officially jobless..i dont know where would i really want to work.. problem is..i havent even started looking for job openings.. ang madalas ko lang gawin lately e magtennis sa weekdays at beach sa weekends.. so i guess its either maging bangkero ako..or maging pulot boy..hmmm..haha

is this the part where my boss supposed to have guessed it right..kc chinismiss niya ako na : i was a “lost kid” daw?..yeah..im a lost kid, he is a dead kid

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