>bikini,susi, at bulalo

Posted on May 27, 2008


>ive been whining,ranting bout the keys for quite a while now.. im gonna have it duplicated later..finally

well.. it had caused me enough troubles..but surely it did me some favors too.. -)
1st time.. i was in eastwood and i have nowhere to go.. the house(proj 7) wass locked and the keys are with my housemate who went to Las Pinas that day…out of desperation and madness i went online..ym.. found one of my college friends online,POGI.. buzzed her(?) and fortunately she offered to pick me up… and off we went to houses of our former classmates..instant reunion..sort of.. sinamahan ako from midnight til breakfast..hehe

and the other day.. since i cant go home..one of my tennis buds invited us to go cheer for her cus in the Bikini Open..not bad huh..500 admission free.. that afternoon i got the chance to meet another friend, ara..sakto nanlibre ng kape because she got promoted..she an Account Manager now..kool.. then later that afternoon..i joined my tennis gang and off we hunt for the next bikini babe..hehe.. Martin Nievera serenated the babes..kool.. i had been wanting to see this guy perform onstage.. in concert..but admission prices kept me away from watching him.. he looks fat right now though..but surely he’s still one of the finest singers around..

tas today..i think Aga(palayaw yta ng mga pinsan niya sa kanya..pareho kc kami ng pangalan para di magulo..Aga n lang ittwag ko dito sa multiply) felt sorry for what happened the other day.. so this morning he cooked some breakfast..bacon,hotdog and longganisa..ayos.. tas this lunch he cooked some bulalo..wow..sakto perfect for the rainy lazy afternoon.. hot..

have to prepare now..its ma’ first daaay..at Brady Corp.. pasok is 9pm..
yeeha..after a month of beach bumming and smashin tennis actions,’em back to work

heres my friends pic he’s name is POGIand here’s the bulalo

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