Posted on June 15, 2008


>im not really a big sports fan..i just love sports..the games i mean..
kahit na sa tennis…very limited knowledge..hehe
learning bout the ropes doesnt really interest me..id rather hit the ropes

this time..it got me interested big time..pucha…the rivalry
from the 60’s,80’s and now its ’08..
from Bill Russell vs Jerry West..Chamberlain..
to Larry Bird vs Magic Johnson..Kareem Abdul-jabar..
and now
its Garnett,Pierce,Allen vs Bryant,Gasol
the legendary rivalry is on
the rivalry of Celtics vs Lakers was even coined to other heights like
East Coast vs West Coast,
Working class grit vs. Hollywood glitz,
old tradition vs. air-conditioned luxury..di daw aircon Boston garden..ewan ko lang ngayon..
white vs black..during 60’s halos caucasians ang celtics..tas african-american lakers..
..so thats how heated this rivalry is..

Celtics leads 3-1 tas the next two games will be in Boston Gardens..looks like its a done deal..hehe..though

Celtics won more finals lalo na during 60’s..its Lakers who won the last two championships..which was still in 80s.and now after 21 years.. the rivalry is rekindled..
im chanting Beat L.A. as well..im no Celtic fan until a week ago..i always go for the underdog..since everyone was really anticipating Lakers to steal the championships, so now im rooting for Celtics.. “gusto lang laging kumontra”..tsk tsk tsk…as my erpats and exes would put it..

**pucha may hnhanap ako na poster ng celtics-lakers..di ko makita..un poster na gngmit ng CS sports..the Forefathers stuff..un may Magic Bird stuff…that didnt sound right..hehe..anyway kung meron kayo..send nmn ng link

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