Posted on June 30, 2008



im scared as hell. a bit paranoid too. cant remember the last time i got this scared.can barely lift my arms. my whole body weakens.deep sighs.

remember the time when ur in grade school.youre small, innocent and stuff. then the biggest kid in the class bullies you. you get scared, ur knees weakened. you dont want to go to school anymore. then you make excuses to your mom so she would allow you to stay home. if you dont rememberany of these..maybe at least youve seen one on tv.ive seen one

damn its like grade school all over again. bullier and bitchier this time. worst is you cant fight back. ah you can, but you cant hit them or kick’em. coz it wont do good and probably it’l just worsen the situation.

i feel like ive been set up. they all agree and they’re all pointing at me. they come up with a story and all. and they have each other’s ass to back it up.

tangna tlaga pg pera pinagusapan..


i also realized another thing.. what friends are for and all? sometimes when u get really scared..and the situation left you no choice but to face it. it really helps big time if u got someone by your side. to face it. di sa magsusumbong ka sa kanila tas yayariin nila para syo..not that type. hehe.. tipong andyan lang. nsa likod mo. it lessens the fear..the paranoia. it makes you braver.

cgro paranoia is really getting the better part of me.

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