>So This Is It… i guess

Posted on September 24, 2008



all bottles are down the drain..

all thats left is the spirit..it seemed it found its way to my head..and it left my cute cerebral throbbing..

received a message yesterday..”kelan ka po balik manila”..it got me thinking bout it the whole day.. yep i guess this time is difrent..im leaving with no worries at all..this time theres no school or work that will demand a quick return..no more bills that i have to pay so i dont need to concern myself bout workin..no more responsibilities basically..dont even have a syota..hehe.. so i figured out, this trip..its anything goes.. im going head-on with whatever it is that crosses my way.. im in a clean slate.. and im ready..to go..to dive in..

my trip can last.as quick as 3days, or a week..or a month..or..i duno.. year..or maybe im not comin back..who knows..hehe

im bringin my board shorts, raket and psp..so i guess im all set.. im ALEXANDER SUPERTRUMP with a new name..havent thought of one yet..gotta think of a new one..

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