>great 08

Posted on December 31, 2008


>its one too many drinks…i never learn..
im happy though..
my plan of spending the last afternoon of 08 relaxing, slouching at my bed while thinking of the year that was.. but then again..i failed..
as what ive been for the last couple of weeks..free wheeler as ever, stoked as always..

been goin home late at night lately..intoxicated all the time to make it worse..i cant even remember what we ate the last time i ate dinner with them..watdf.. im not proud or happy about it at all..

this will be the last of it for now..

it a great year..a lot of unxpected stuff happend.. a couple of times,things had been blown out of proportion..but all in all..it was good..ITS all good..=)

im gonna rest my sober head for now..
welcome 09

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