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Posted on March 13, 2009


>after spending almost a week in Baguio..
thursday early morning, i arrived in Manila..
back to reality..

what i was really excited about though is the eHeads concert that saturday..
and since we dont have tickets yet, since we learned that Mtv is cooking up a San Miguel Summer Party friday..and that their giving away some 2000 tickets, we braved the party..

friday-all we know is that the San Mig party will be held in Bay..somethin..
we went to MOA,san mig by the Bay.. there was a party but it was Nestea’s.. sabi namin wala tayo makukuha tikets dito so we head out…went to Baywalk..wala na pala un.. across it is Baypark..and there the party is..
tickets were given in exchange of drinking beer.. how cool is that.. 25 a pop..cheap..and u get eHead tickets.. saya.. win-win..

PLUS.. Parokya played
then my idol Bamboo..coolest thing is..were so close to the stage..nka*apir* kay pareng bamboo.. they played 8 songs..they even played Awit ng Kabataan and Kisapmata.. whoa..that made my night.. good riddance.. beer,free tickets,bamboo and ofcourse, it wouldnt be a Summer Party without babes in bikinis right?..Bikini Open!.. and during the Q&A..they were asked what their wildest summer fantasy is? aliw..then one by one they strut their stuff under the artificial rain wearing the tiniest piece of cloth..and were an arms-length away from the stage.. the San Mig Summer party was music to the ears and eyes.. =)

tired and drunk, i commuted going home.. rode a bus..Nova.. the route of the bus passes my place..was supposed to go down somewhere along Mindanao ave.. but i fell asleep and the friggin kundoktor woke me up only in the terminal..in Nova bayan..well, i guess u cant have everythin good..got home at 4am.. lasing at pagod.. wala ng shower,nakatulog agad
and we have a tournament in Rizal Sports at 7am..sweeeet

Saturday Morning – planned meet-up in Mrt Ortigas with ariel and kim at 6..
they buzzed my fone non-stop but to no avail..i was asleep like a log..
i woke up at 8..literally jumped out of the bed..la ng brip brip,kape kape at ligo ligo haha..grabbed 2 shirts, shoes and racket..then hurried my way to Rizal…
was wearing shorts over my boxers..kakamadali la ng brip..ampf..tas tennis.. haha..sexy times.. the event was a blast..well attended.. most of the best pto players were there..I,PRESENT..haha.. won 1 game, against Ricky..8-3.. ppicture ksma Number 1 ng womens tennis..Bien Zoleta

It was a hot saturday, cloudless skies..scorching sun.. piercing.. we went ahead, kim and ariel… breakfast sa tapsilogan.. then just when were about to ride the train..i decided to take an fx..the 2 went ahead..only then that i realized i only got 25 bucks left(taxi kc ppunta 200 plus,shit and i was expecting some money )well that can get me only half-way home.. so i started texting friends,cousins,sister,officemates,playmates and watnot..hehe..di ako makauwi at akoy pagod at puyat at may hangover..whoo.. Ken to the rescue..good thing he has class in Rizal on saturdays.. libre niya ko ppntang trinoma.. i got home 2pm..

the concert is at 8..and still i have to meet up with the guys at 6..sabay ppunta MOA.. took a nap for 1 solid hour..then started preparing..

then its Z…Y..X…W..e..heads.. the best concert..it was magical =)..
after the concert..we headed to Shaw..to grab a couple of beer while letting the awesome event sink in.. it was everything i waited for and wanted plus more.. eHeads final set was the shiznit..

got home at 5am.. then i slept.. dedicated the whole sunday and monday to recuperate from the string of events.all noteworthy, exciting and fun… bamboo,eheads,tennis,bikinis.. it doesnt get any better than that =)

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