>climbing hell

Posted on September 1, 2009


>exactly 48 hours ago, my dear life was dangling at the mercy of tree roots and shrubs in the canopies of Mt Arayat. The mountain was unforgiving with its steep trail, muddy loose soil and deadly ravines. It felt like a death trap. it dawned on me that its impossible for me to escape it alive. i knew im not gonna make it. it was end of the road, that final curtain. it was match point and i was on the losing end. it occurred to me that there will be no more beach trips; no more saturday night sex; and that caramel sundae i had last thursday would be my last.
inside the deep forest, wild vegetation..there i crawled and held firmly at roots with all my might. gravity pulled me down and so did my 25 pound hiking bag load.i just waited for a grass root to give up on my body weight. i scaredly waited for that final slip, for that fatal crash.
it never came.

**that will be my last mountain for this lifetime.
(Aug 29, 2nd day hike of Arayat traverse)

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