>give a little love and it all comes back to you…

Posted on September 29, 2009


>i woke up earlier than my alarm clock, with a dizzying headache..puked. i got up, lay down in the sofa in sala infront of the tv to catch updates on news.

honestly, i feel excited moreover nervous. Anxiety is getting the better of me. today, i am going to tanay rizal together with two army truckloads of volunteers and goods.

i just organized my backpack as i was notified that the wholeday relief operation might stretch overnight since the roads are still underwater and the condition of the area still uncertain. packed extra shirts, slippers, biscuits and water.

same scenes still lingers in the tv. devastation of ondoy. this makes one of the moments i feel emotional. watching scenes and listening to the horrors of ondoy is heartbreaking. my heart emphatize with all the victims.

headache still fills my head. clock ticks 8:23, just finished my sandwich and milk,and by 8:40 im leaving our house to head to gma foundation center in culiat, qc.

i have been unsure most of times in my life with what i had gotten myself into..certainly, im positive this counts an excemption

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