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>in office…

October 29, 2009


>finishing all work related stuff…rushing..grrr.. currently in one of the coffee houses is Annex..taking advantage of the wifi. =) theres no way im spending 100 bucks just for coffee.. im about to burst in excitement any minute now..tomorrow night, i together with some 40 swashbucklers are goin to brave the highest peak in this part […]

>the week so far..

October 27, 2009


>just came from friendship games in Filinvest. lots of players from different clubs were there. contrast to what i have expected. dead tired. i dont usually play 4 games in one day. moreover 3 games in a row. you have to continue playing til somebody beats you.finally after a long while, i noticed little improvements […]

>the is a temple….

October 22, 2009


>3:31 tuesday, oct its 3am and im awake drinking tea hoping it would make me feel better. i was drunk like a mad man last night. its fukcin weird. i slept at around 11pm..i woke up at 3am. its only for fukcin hours. i forced myself to snooze back but to no avail. i […]

>darts, ass cheeks and marathons

October 17, 2009


>i woke up this morning with a bruise in my forehead, pain in my ass, wooziness in my brain and a zero memory of last night’s shenanigans… the nagging pain of my bruise woke me up…a dent atop my left eyebrow. and when i stood up.i also noticed a pain in my butt cheeks..not the […]

>No Reservations

October 10, 2009


> daryl can not make up his mind whether to go with K61, Kobra, Kblade… and boy he changes his mind like madonna changes her do, like boy changes political endorsements.. hassle lang he orders then retracts it. hassle sa business kim is torn between a new camera lense and Kpro 88. ako. i dont […]

>last shot at school

October 5, 2009


>it all starts today..last shot at school =)