>No Reservations

Posted on October 10, 2009



daryl can not make up his mind whether to go with K61, Kobra, Kblade… and boy he changes his mind like madonna changes her do, like boy changes political endorsements.. hassle lang he orders then retracts it. hassle sa business

kim is torn between a new camera lense and Kpro 88.

ako. i dont have any problems. i dont have money to start with =). that simplifies it huh. actually i got a thousand bucks long-kept, safely slipped in my wallet.. and last friday while waiting for moy in Gateway, before we head to mogwai, i went to Fully Booked. �saw a couple of Murakami selection. I got so giddy i wanted to buy’em all. Im a fan of the old guy. Im not really a bookworm. i can count the books i read with my fingers and its all authored by murakami except for one book(the alchemy). i love the style.�

then i saw Anthony Bourdain smiling at me from the next shelf. takte, i spent a good 30 mins on which murakami book to buy tas at the last minute i found myself grabbing No Reservations and paying it. im a big fan of the french swagger too though. if theres 2 people on earth i wanted to meet before i die..any of the two would do.but if they would be unavailable Anne Hathaway would be lovely =).

Anyway, that was a special moment to me.. unslipping the thousand bill, handing it down to the cashier.. it is the first book i ever bought.. the firsts are always special huh.. we even drink for it.

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