>darts, ass cheeks and marathons

Posted on October 17, 2009


>i woke up this morning with a bruise in my forehead, pain in my ass, wooziness in my brain and a zero memory of last
night’s shenanigans…

the nagging pain of my bruise woke me up…a dent atop my left eyebrow. and when i stood up.i also noticed a pain in my butt cheeks..not the a-hole just to straighten things up..hehe.. seemed like scratch marks.. and i have the faintest idea on how i got’em.. same old drunk routine.. not a hunch on how i got home.. all i know is pank, ron and i were at sodderbys, played billiards and darts up to God-knows-what-time-it-was.

around 7pm, before the whole thing spurted,i was tired from the whole day acts..schooled in the morning..delivered stuff somewhere in greenhills after lunch..and played three simultaneous singles game in the afternoon. i called on the guys to just loosely hang around, rack some balls, cool down with an ice-cold beer and just slack up the rest of the friday night.

the three-setters was my substitute for running..i am joining this QC International Marathon this sunday so i decided to warmed up at least a couple of days before the event. since i was too lazy to run/jog. honestly i find it a little boring. i called up leo masculado to hit some balls instead. my body is not used to running moreover to long distance sprints. this is to oil my engine.i got zero desire of winning..haha.. gameplan is to run my pace..no time to beat. no pressure. this is me introducing my flab-adored body to endurance running. one step closer to crossing out that one item in bucket list.

im not really a runner.this will be my first. i just read the book “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. its where i got the idea to add completing a Marathon; to my bucket list.

and one more reason is that.. i have this penchant for doing new things, exploring new stuff, cooking up fresh adventures every so often.. love doing new things..anything and everything under the sun..

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