>the is a temple….

Posted on October 22, 2009


>3:31 tuesday, oct 20
ok.so its 3am and im awake drinking tea hoping it would make me feel better.

i was drunk like a mad man last night. its fukcin weird. i slept at around 11pm..i woke up at 3am. its only for fukcin hours. i forced myself to snooze back but to no avail. i fight back waking up.after 30 solid minutes of being half-awake i finally gave up and got out bed. im having the fugliest feeling. somethings wrong with my stomach and my head, legs, ass and everything else. i took a shower then made some tea. i was hoping the tea could drown away the fugly feeling. a little it did.

i think im remorseful. my drinking habits turned from bad to worst. i do not drink often. in fact i was drunk only twice in the last seven days. but the times i got drunk, it was awful. last friday, i got so drunk i dont remember anything the following morning. bad part is i got a contusion atop my left brow. its bad that its already four days yet it still hurts. and its still red and i dont think it shrunk not a bit. plus the bruise in my but cheeks.

and last night, i drunk too many drinks again. no skin bruises this time but my stomach hurts. i cant pin down if its really the stomach but surely its in that area. the pain is fair to middling though. but still, theres pain and its in the inside so thats not good. id like to think that maybe its the ice cream that i wiped out that didnt blend well with the other junks i ate up but, cmon its just plain ridiculous to blame it on ice cream over booze. very funny huh.

somehow i feel guilty. because if what they say is true. our body is a temple, something like that..then mine would be temple bar,a booze warehouse.

i will tone down a bit.. id like to think il do just that.

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