>the week so far..

Posted on October 27, 2009


>just came from friendship games in Filinvest. lots of players from different clubs were there. contrast to what i have expected. dead tired. i dont usually play 4 games in one day. moreover 3 games in a row. you have to continue playing til somebody beats you.finally after a long while, i noticed little improvements in my game. more spin, more power compared before plus a little on the backhand side. service is still mediocre. same with volley.

happy with how this week is turning out.
finally, i completed the orders.signed. sealed. delivered. biggest bulk order so far.. around 40 different strings. over a hundred grips. cans of balls. pair of shoes. everything done last monday.

sunday. slept at a friends house. hangovered. celeb of some sort for my first cullinary adventure. inuman after was flat-out fun. got home 11am already

konting inom at usap with a travel pal. i.e. ksama ko sa great summer visayan backpacking adventure. lunes yta to.

have a finals later. havent study yet but im feeling good about it already. my alarm is set to 6am and its almost 3. all cool.

i have a few hours more to think whether to go home in the province or join mt Pulag climb this undas. both scheduled this saturday. pulag climb buddies game til lunch to settle my tickets. right now its 80-20. 80 for pulag. 20 for home.

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