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Posted on October 29, 2009


>finishing all work related stuff…rushing..grrr.. currently in one of the coffee houses is Annex..taking advantage of the wifi. =) theres no way im spending 100 bucks just for coffee..

im about to burst in excitement any minute now..tomorrow night, i together with some 40 swashbucklers are goin to brave the highest peak in this part of Luzon, Mt Pulag. weather forecasters declared bad weather this weekend so that will definitely make things tougher. PAG-ASA’s forecasted a storm is comin in around thursday.. well today is thursday, and the sun is shining mightily. cant blame me why i think i trust barberos more than them.

im on break right now.. il be working til around 7ish. then i might go along with utol sa datin niya opis..think she’s her backpay.. bka sakali may balato..

tomorrow i might head to dv.. i remember seeing a headlamp sold there..im goin to get one. that might come handy on pulag. il also buy other stuff for the climb. cus my last climb was so lousy..even forgot to bring eating paraphernalias. i want to be more organize this time.

climbing Pulag is in my bucket list. cant wait to X out on that item. =)

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