>of saints and bandits..

Posted on November 3, 2009


>sunday; Nov 1; 3pm

A peptic ulcer is an ulcer of an area of the gastrointestinal tract that is usually acidic and thus extremely painful.

saturday. after spending Halloween at soderbys, beer and billiards with pank. after that pandesal de leche flan. i layed down myself to sleep. minutes shy of 12 mindinght.

i felt a gnawing pain in my chest. it was painful. i was twisting and turning on my bed, out-of-bed, under the bed-if only my matress is not sitting directly to the floor. i curled up. i stretched out. did all the possible positions in the book. think, even helicopter…and i was alone. damn.

i was screaming every saints name i learned in school. st joseph.st mary(dalawa lang. mali pa yta yon pangalawa). watabout st jesus. hehe

so after 4 grueling hours. 4am. kuya drove me off to the hospital. shitty. shitty. just drove me off. the guy speeded out as soon as i alighted his car, even before the doctors strutted out their stethoscope moves. damn, i wasnt walking anymore.. i was crawling. im thankful though. i am.

around 8am. i was well. i escaped out the hospital.. paused and stood for a good one minute. then head out not paying the bill. like a bandit, i ran. their services suck. karma did cross my mind. just crossed. used the money to buy some meds, ice cream and for taxi fare.

slept the whole day. woke up just now. 3pm. im doin some research bout the freakin ulcer. and to the shock-of-my-life SYMPTOMS : Disappear and then return for a few days or weeks.
geezzuz. i have to do the whole damn thing..again..agony. pain!.. phew

i think i better start memorizing more Saints name.

Happy All Saints Day.. woohoo

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