Posted on November 20, 2009


> writers block.
im not a writer so i guess this one wont count.
i just want to use the word.
i just want to write something but cant seem to put them into words.

my mind is in a limbo right now.
my head feels light. like some hollow object.
like some thick clouds filling my skull.
in a state of nothingness.

ok.last night i chased the white dragon.
i did it. finally.
i dont think i can talk about it.
i just can not find words.
maybe its just not worth telling.

i do things,
not because its the “proper” thing to do.
not because its rational.
not because its normal.
not because its safe.
not because its what grown-ups do.
not because its what the law dictates.
not because its whats expected of me.

i just do it. things i wanted.
things that excites me.
mostly they are the unpopular choice.
mostly what moms would apprehend their little boys from doing.

sometimes, i could not even justify them.
or explain
or understand.
sometimes they dont even make sense.

like what im doing now.

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