sober scribbling

Posted on January 31, 2010


one thing i noticed since my alcohol deprivation, i sort of lose my writing tendencies. i dont doodle anymore. could it be that alcohol was my wind fanning my ember of scribbling all along?

my stoppage of alcohol consumption was abrupt, sudden- like krista-pacman’s love affair, and showtime slugging out the competition on morning tv.

days before the attack, i was on an alcohol frenzy. i went on a supposed-to-be hiking trip to Batangas, which ended up me staying in the foot of the mountain, beach, guzzling bottles of red horse. all muddled and hang overed while we waited for the other hikers to descend. then the following night, i went on another drinking spree, kicked it off at Mogwais with ishi then we went to a friends haus finishing the night with tanduays embassy.

the following night, i got hospitalised. i went on a 6-hour-non-stop-abdominal-pain hysteria . it was so damn painful i cussed all beers,gins and the likes. and swore not to get drunk ever again. ever. hoping that it was all thats needed to trade the pain with relief.

that was the 5th day of 2010 and its now the last day of the first month. so thats more than 25 days of alcohol sobriety. the longest time i have not consumed beer.

and since then i have not played with words about anything. no attempts even.

im not drunk now. no alcohol intake or whatsoever. this is me putting my system on a test, figuring out if i will function just the same.

first attempt.

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