>2 Day Notice

Posted on February 28, 2010


>i am sad.

i only got two more sunsets to catch the sun fall in the red roof of our neighbor’s two-floored house. two more 3’o clocks for those afternoon delight banana cues. two more humid days in commuting the busy, heavily traffic, polluted streets of metro. before i will be gone for a short while.
the thought of me leaving the day after tomorrow is starting to sink in. the gush of excitement is suddenly taken over by this cold, pensive feel. sadness.
i hate to entertain the thought of leaving all the things in my life right now. my life for the last few years was nothing close to perfect. but surely those were some of my finest years. being surrounded by people i cared most, enjoyed being with, and bumped into on a regular basis is something i am learning to appreciate over time.
i think its really the people that i will miss most. more than tennis, mogwai and choco sans rival ice cream cake. i have come to know a lot of people and a number of those have became a friend. i am glad there is always one i can call anybody anytime. be it to climb a mountain, swim in the beach, play tennis with or just someone to chill with while slugging out some ice cold beer.
its just three months though. but being away from here, i guess those would be three long months
*it was my birthday last Friday and i was surprised with the number of greetings. definitely that was the most number of greetings i received for an occasion. past birthdays, graduation and even Christmases. that really made my day. i got greetings from people i met once and even to some i have not met. it was funny and sweet though.

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