>1 Day Notice

Posted on March 3, 2010


>i had fun.

last night was completely opposite of the other night. i was happy.
i got high.
i do not want other people to get me wrong on this one. i was not happy only because i got high. in fact, it was not the reason at all.
it was said that you will know what you have when it is lost. i learned mine ahead of time. i met up with my beergina buds last night. and since i was coming from another gimik, i threw in with them at around 11 in UP village. daxs crib. the guys were dozing off on matador. i bottled down a couple of shots. just a little ,so not to kill my highness. it was an easy, relaxed night. reggae. eheads. good’ol kulitan. bastusan. i got to know this crew just a couple of months ago and so far its tight. its solid. now i appreciate fully being part of it. daym =)
its like brothers from different mothers. =)
before doing the session with the crew, my baller friend and i chased the dragon already. we run short though. so we hit another bout at daxs. i loathe being seen by others doing that stuff. not cool.
it was a good night. just the right mix.

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