>up high then fukced up

Posted on March 15, 2010


>alarm clock buzzed at 5:30..
i got out of bed 8:30..procastinate
so instead of going to resort before the breakfast rush, very much alike in pinoy action movies, i arrived just when all the actions came about..

it was a slow day in the kitchen..
even though the hotel is fully booked..
i made some

i timed out at the bundy clock at 5pm..
rushed to the house to change pants to board shorts…
i was eager to catch the sunset..
dropped by at dmall to get apple shake from fruitas..
then off to long beach..
its a sight to behold really..
sunsets are the best thing about boracay..

then i went to a computer shop..
i have been hearing raves about this certain artist from norway, kings of convenience…
while downloading their album..
poof.. for the fukcin love of jah..
all the 4gb of mp3 in my psp got accidentally deleted..
that drove me nuts..bonkers..

so much for the inConvenience…
they better be good.. its the only album in my psp now..

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