>20 sunsets and counting…

Posted on March 24, 2010


>i had my first hangover in the island today. it stretched out the whole day til early evening. i was under the weather. in daze the whole time.

the tall guy woke me up this morning from my window tempting me to hit the beach. and since i was under a bad case of hangover, i could use some sun and sea. i followed. the very tall guy. the tall guy. the fat guy. me

its one of those hot, cloudless sky boracay days. not a speck of white in the horizon. the beach was, as always, inviting. the cold azure waters under the scorching sun was just a beautiful combo. different shades of blue flashes in the clean waters of boracay. the view from the sea, just like when in shore, is breath-taking.

i took my time off from work. the hangover was just pure pain in the ass. i was throwing my guts out the whole time. it didnt left me 1 minute.

today is my 20th day in the island. it never crossed my mind til now how long have i been here already. im nearing a month and so far its dandy. nothing bad to complain. of course the blues did hit me a while ago. manila, my friends, somehow i miss.

20 days of the simple life. no television set. no computer. no radio. no malls. no tennis.

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