>another one bites the dust

Posted on April 3, 2010


>mine. sand.

i am stubborn. i know that well. and i know others know it, oh so well,as well.
dont really think its time to put this one out in the open.
its just whats in my head right now. and im keepin it there.

i was lightheaded the whole day yesterday. i think i got it from the one-hour-boat trip from romblon. the boat was small. it could fit in 8 pax i guess. as we traversed the sea, it was constantly shuffled by the waves. you can feel the current as it bumped into our tiny-cute motorboat. it was nothing scary though.

i never saw boracay with that much people yesterday. it was like SM on a 3-day-sale hoopla. people were everywhere. people were swimmin despite the murky waters flooded by moss. people walkin in all directions. nothin to complain though. since mostly are clad in their wet bikinis.

i did self medication. i was reading my recent blogs a while ago. it was a misdiagnosis. the pain i had been experiencing is caused by gallstones and not gastritis. somebody gave me this remedy, since i was opting not to go under the knife, so i gave it a go. this was published in Inquirer(PDI) two years ago. flushing out gallstones. everything went smoothly except for the last part ingesting the lemon-olive oil mixture. it was uncomfortable. aside from that all, was well.

i am getting the feeling that my days here in the island is getting a little boring. i noticed it since i was writing. recalling past days. nothing extraordinary to brag about. same relaxed, good days.
maybe, i should go out tonight.
go out. now.

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