>another boring sleepless night

Posted on May 15, 2010


>i am woozy. mellow. relaxed. no sleep yet. it just didnt come last night.

arrived at home at 4am. not a tad sleepy, we were out all night. nothing interesting though. same shit. only this time, i downed one bottle. and its san mig light. the girls in the club were just not a tad pretty. and even if i had consumed a case of beer. i doubt if my take would change.no offense’ and i know im not a looker myself but last night was just terrible. they were scarce. only the types who would get a banging from willie revillame’s novelties were bouncing on the floor. from mango we then hit i.t park. it was boring just the same. went home

so i started packing my stuff. explosions in the sky in background. i was organizing my stuff but my mind seemed to be drifting somewhere else. it took me 4 hours to pack those two bags. and still they dont look anything close to neat.

i was texting some friends. they always reply Lasing ka ry? whenever i txt them. just like a while ago. i realized im not a big texter. di ako mahilig mangumusta. so i should understand now why they say that. but what can i do its only when im under-the-influence i feel nostalgic? im an ass that way.

its 10am now. i just got my laundry. and im leaving in a while. not hungry nor sleepy. its gonna be a long day for sure. have to fix up the new place.

i did something interesting though last night. that was before i followed up on the gimik. something just enough that gave me chills, wracked my brain and made my heart skipped a beat.

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