Posted on May 23, 2010


>livin a dream i never know was mine until i started living it…

a year ago,i went on a 20-day backpacking trip with hopes of finally finding the formula to set the gameplan of my life. from the looks of it, now, it was a good trip.

it was not a smooth ride to begin with. lots of hits and misses. but i guess those misses were what really brought me here.

i was set to complete my training hours in Boracay when i left Manila last March until some things just did not went the way they were was supposed to. i only completed half of my required hours. after the Nami stint, i sent applications at pretty much all the known hotel there is in the island. but nothing exciting about the results. after a week of waiting and hoping. i gave up the island dream and grabbed the opportunity at cebu’s The Gustavian. with the Philippines Tatlers’ Ulltimate guide to resto’s in the Phils as my guide, i learned that the resto is one of the finest in the whole of philippine kitchens. so i got myself in. i was a month away from completing the required training hours of my education when the offer from Shangri-la came my way. it is a 5-month training program of the hotel. with that laid on the table, that meant me extending training from june to november. but it was an easy call. way too easy no need to tire my brain cells.

im officially a part of Shangri-la now. courtesy of luck, balls and some twist of fate.i am at my happiest. i never knew id get a kicking out of working. unpaid at that. something i just learn about myself recently. how surprising. very surprising.

my training will end this november. with shangri-la under my belt that time.i am just excited.
i know its just the beginning. things will only get better =)

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