Posted on May 30, 2010



had an early day today.. woke up early to catch the finals of Lhuiller Cup sa Baseline..
talo si Tiero sa semis..pati si Lanlan…champ si Arcilla..
i just woke up around 11pm, just before midnight. i was starving. so i quickly put some clothes on and headed out. in lapu-lapu city or the whole of mactan island, if your eating at this time of day you only have 3 options(i think) mcdo, andoks and sinangag station. and since i am hungry, nothing beats the filling i get from sinangag and itlog. so i went there ordered tosilog and adsilog. am a big eater.
to my dismay when they served it…plain rice! both orders..
poor quality of service.. i ordered silog so i was expecting fried rice. moreso the establishment’s name is sinangag station… why on earth would they serve plain rice?
paborito ko sinangag obviously. i asked the service girl why it was not sinangag, she said its not available..nuf said..
they couldve fried the effing rice!
its like ordering lechon manok and getting fried chicken..
*9 out of 10 silog restos/karinderya i had eaten in here in cebu served plain rice for SILOG meals. but ofcourse i was expecting more especially from this resto. WTF.
i dont get why dont they get it. si-log is short for SInangag and itLOG.. everyone knows that. people just dont use that term because it sounds cute on the menu.

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