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Posted on June 18, 2010



the other day i played hooky. i think i just found a hole in one of the hotels policy. so for a day i traded my kitchen clogs to sneakers.
really, this new-found career is eating all of my time. i remember back when i still do that 5-days a week job, i used to skip work days once in a while because 2-days-off is just not enough. and now im only given once a week. somehow i guess im coming to terms with it already though surely i have not outgrown it just yet.
in the last two weeks i had been waking up in the ungodly hours of the night. work starts at 4am. good thing i can throw myself in to my chefs jacket as quick as jejemons rise to fame. wakes up at three and before three thirty im running my way to the hotel. so the other day i relished the luxury of staying under the sheets until the sun was above head.
i lunched-out together with the fat one. eversince i gotten myself in the culinary industry i begun to acquire appetite in eating-out; from hawker stalls to fancy restaurants, whichever my meager moolah could afford(mostly its the former).
so that day we visited the enemy’s lair, or so i thought. we went to waterfront’s flagship restaurant The Port. it is fairly looking from the outside. with castle-like waterfront as backdrop it sure looks neat. but inside, its no castle. the place is cramped up with tables and chairs theres hardly a way to get around.
the food was surprisingly mediocre. the food choices in the buffet table are limited. the only meat-dish entrees were kare-kare, porckchop(humba), and fried chicken. on the side were springrolls, meatballs, vegies like adobong kangkong etc. certainly its the price to pay for having a 199 priced lunch buffet.
but its waterfront, one of the big hotels in cebu. one cant help but have high expectations. so i guess theres no competetion with shang at all.
spent the whole afternoon fixing on my laptop. because that fateful morning i accidentally deleted massive files and apps while trying to organize and clean up on my computer closet. that includes gigabytes of travel photos i gathered throughout the years.
i tried retrieving it with the help of some techy friends, someone even from manila did remote access to check on my laptop but nothing seemed to work. i could lose all my 10gig mp3 playlist for all its worth and i would be just fine. i can always redownload them. but the pictures, that sadden me for a good 5mins.
we left IT park before midnight. headed home. capped it of with a bottle of beer then finally called it a day. restday. luckless restday.

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