Posted on June 20, 2010


>my penchant for france gushed like fire trees, in UP, blossoming in summer. abrupt and beautiful.

france. its the culinary mecca. its the paradise where every foody would love to embark on a gastronomic adventure into. their cuisine remains to be the most respected in the field. hence it houses the most numbered of michelin-starred restaurants. its also in my bucket list to work there as a kusinero.
then theres the frech open. the most festive and engaging, for me, grand slam in the tour. its where the gentlemen’s game of tennis gets a little rowdy. blashpemy/cussing is allowed.
and now french films. they just have a different take on making films. i went to the french film festival in ayala yesterday and it was just a revelation. a welcome surprise. a joy to watch. 22 bullets/ l’immortel quickly jumped into my list of all-time favorites.
am skipping work today to catch the last day of the french film festival.

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