>its going to be a good week…

Posted on June 28, 2010


>i can smell it =)

woke up before 9 to catch mornings@anc. its really entertaining. the thing that its a show in anc, or any news channel for that, might mean a serious show but damn its the exact opposite. ginger brightens up my day everytime. she is hilarious and she’s not even trying.
breakfast in bed. literally. salamat sa mcdo. sausage mcmuffin is my favorite of all fastfood products.
and its raining outside…
three things i loved. all in a monday morning. its going to be a good week…
ayon sa isang maxim: grab every opportunity that comes your way, sa kin naman kuntento na ko sa panakaw na pakurot-kurot =)
thoughts while manning the carving section(lechon) of the buffet

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