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casino. sex.

July 21, 2010


it was a boring depressing night. the last one i was counting on flaked out.

>no message

July 20, 2010


>phone check… no message 10mins. phone check… no message 10mins. email check… inbox… no activity scan sun phone book… failed to find someone whom i thought would want to talk to. googled how to get unlimited with globe for a day.just when i found it and after browsing my globe contacts, its the same shit […]

>doodle exercise

July 18, 2010


>my head is pounding. my stomach is rumbling. my phone is ringing and i just can not locate where the hell it is. i am trying to follow the ringing but the sound is faint and feeble. i will stop guessing where it is right now. its adding ooomph on the bad case of hangover […]

>losing grip

July 17, 2010


>my life on this new found love, cooking, has been nothing but delicious. its a whirlwind romance that took me and i am no way letting go. i arrived in cebu last summer. what brought me here was pure fate. my run in boracay took a sudden dive so it left me no choice but […]