>losing grip

Posted on July 17, 2010


>my life on this new found love, cooking, has been nothing but delicious. its a whirlwind romance that took me and i am no way letting go.

i arrived in cebu last summer. what brought me here was pure fate. my run in boracay took a sudden dive so it left me no choice but to leave the island as quickly so not to waste any more time. before i knew it, my ass is on the queen city of south.
everything that happened since then was acceptable to awesome to shangri-la.
thing is, sometime i lose grip on things which is not totally bad because i crave for something better. i easily get bored. my adrenaline needs to be used up on a regular basis or else even the things that should be on a plateau phase takes a sudden ascent. right now, as much as i want to put things in words in order to have an easier understanding seems a little difficult.
i will leave it at that for now. hanging.
i guess i should really continue doodling daily. to keep perspective of things.
this time, no more excuses. damn it.

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