>doodle exercise

Posted on July 18, 2010


>my head is pounding. my stomach is rumbling.

my phone is ringing and i just can not locate where the hell it is. i am trying to follow the ringing but the sound is faint and feeble. i will stop guessing where it is right now. its adding ooomph on the bad case of hangover that i am having.
i am starving. i am in dire need of a fastfood delivery right now. i could really use one and i am the least picky this time. any food that can wash away the rhum residue thats left in my system would be fine. BUT i am broke. the last of 50 bucks was spent last night for the marlboros.
my head is spinning. i rang in the cr for more than 5 times since i woke up around 11 and its only 1 right now. its a relief everytime. i have taken a bath twice and gulped more than a liter of cold water hoping it could flush the hangover but to no avail. it just sits right there unfazed, not moving.
this is my writing exercise. it does not have to make sense.

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