>no message

Posted on July 20, 2010


>phone check… no message

phone check… no message
email check…
inbox… no activity
scan sun phone book… failed to find someone whom i thought would want to talk to.
googled how to get unlimited with globe for a day.just when i found it and after browsing my globe contacts, its the same shit with sun contacts.
after a good hour of phone checking… and i am not even particularly waiting for somebody’s text… shit feeling is still there.
price to pay for staying in a foreign place. tagalog is not spoken here.
i know i am not making any sense right now. and i know my attempts to translate my current thoughts to words is just failing. i really think it is going to be nice if it works because when i am at this topak phase, i get more imaginative, artsy. my mind wanders. and usually i am able to put them in words. and theres always a good result every time. but not this time.
it just sucks when even your last option fails you. depressing.
i have no clue where all these feelings are coming from. for the love of jah. i got high a week ago. got laid a couple of days ago. pucha. hehe. its just not making any sense.
after 2 hours and
my 76th phone check… no message

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