casino. sex.

Posted on July 21, 2010


it was a boring depressing night. the last one i was counting on flaked out.

just when i packed my stuff and decided to hit home – thing i had been avoiding to begin with- my tennis bud texted to ask if i would want to smash some balls the next day. hell yeah i could use that- i said.
hanggang sa nagyaya uminom tas billiards.
we met up in a billiard joint in mactan. after some sidepockets and bankshots, and the beer started getting into our sytem, we headed to some girly bars. just when were about to enter, we checked our pockets and boy what we have could barely buy one ladys drink.
before i knew it, i was submitting my camphone and psp to the guard of pagcor waterfront. my bud was insanely mad betting everything all at once in the baccarat table. and just after two card deals, we blissfully walked away with 4 grand in our pockets.
so instead of going back to the cheap girly joint we decided to go for an upgrade. massage parlor baby.
it took me a while getting off. my masseuse started complaining but 200 bucks was all it needed for her to pull out tricks on me. that did it. got home past 3.
from a cold boring depressing night to hot and wild.
casino. sex.
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