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Posted on December 22, 2010



it has to start somewhere,
it has to start somehow.
what better place than here,
what better time than now. -RATM

officially this is my first blog here, i have previous entries but those are just duplicates of my blogs in multiply. those were not written here. multiply is now more of an online shopping site than a blogsite. and the quality of photos posted there are just unacceptable now. so now on, this will be my site.

im ayan aka dodong. i am not bisaya but il explain how i got that name in future blogs.

dodong loves to travel and he likes to take off the beaten path. he lives for adventure and his limitations, none. no WALLS but the WIND, no ROOF but the SKY as he puts it. he has urges every so often to try new things, anything under the sun whether it be to climb a mountain or to jump from a waterfall or to eat a “one-day-old”. he has penchant for long bus rides and to eat goto on each and every fateful bus stop. he likes to take photographs and believes(no need of approval of others) that he is damn good at it. he grew up crowded with barkadas but lately  found his self enjoying backpacking by his lonesome and writes about his musings. he takes the tennis court as a playground and  kitchen as his battlefield.

you’l know more of Dodong here

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