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some orange streaks oddly emblazoned in the gray-cloud-adorned,pale blue sky. it comes like a painting framed by my window pane. delicate, gentle, coupled with just the right amount of gloom. while a gush of cold christmas breeze afloats steadily in the air keeping the mercury in the scale at 20. an atmosphere fit for a beautiful morning that would mark end to what is a wonderful year.

john hay.dec 2010
..and so comes the last day of a good and eventful year. it would certainly go down the books as the best year of dodong. a couple of bullets in his bucket list were happily knocked down. some dreams realized not knowing they were even his until he started living them. this year, a budding chef(ehem), adventure seeker was (re)born.

dodong completed his culinary shiznit during the first quarter. a cebu-bohol trip was taken on february, a long-delayed vacation for his family, his first with family in ages. 

highlight of this year came in feb. his dream of living by the beach came to life. for more than a month he basked under the big boracay sun. of course it was not purely vacation. he worked as a trainee in the cliff-situated, Nami resort. the view from that place is probably one the most beautiful sceneries he had ever laid his eyes on- the stretch of pristine,white sand in that secluded cove with clear  turquoise waters as backdrop- its picturesque. he now surely misses his stay in that island, some would refer to as paradise,where his days were filled with hot summer sun, cool blue waters, powdery sands, frisbee-afternoons, chill hotspots and bikini clad bodies. it was the island life indeed. 

though the island dream came to a halt for some reasons. which now he is thankful for it did, for it had not stopped he couldve miss cebu.

dodong spent his next 6 months in cebu, another dream came true. he worked in shangri-la where he learned 90% of his culinary skills. its where he met a number of wonderful people. lots of strong bonds were built. 

its also where he met inday(ayee). it seems like dodong cant put it in words how happy that experience was. 

by october, together with cebu barkada, they went from cebu to dumaguete to bacolod to iloilo. it was a swell. one of the best trip this year was that dumaguete escapade. the highlight of the trip was MassKara which was so much fun. good friends accomodated us dearly which made the experience a whole lot better. he headed back to manila that same month.

dodong had another family vacation last november. they went to mindanao. a beautiful place with a bad reputation. davao. cagayan de oro. camiguin. and that exciting white-water rafting in bukidnon. mindanao is everything he wanted and so much more.

his backpacking trip this december which is his last for the year was another awesome travel.kicked-off in baguio, then kalinga, ilocos and it capped off with .that surfing trip in san juan la union. then back to manila

he is now spending the holidays in the province, kalingafornia. its so much nice to be home being with friends and family.

now its down to the last day of 2010. and doing this recap is just fitting for such an eventful year. dodong realized this year two significant things which he will continually do for the rest of his life- cook and travel.

2010 is a blast. best year of my life. 

*this year comes to a finish with pending unwritten experiences,unposted photos, untold stories. no room for procrastination and lethargy this 2012. 
happy new year everyone. putukan na
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