>sleepless night

Posted on January 7, 2011


>i lied in bed for an hour. i thought i was sleepy but i just cant hit it off. i tried to relax myself, closed eyes, thought of nothing,even spanked the monkey but all failed.

it could be because of the coffee i had after dinner or sheer anxiety for my trip this noon.

we had a good dinner last night at peri peri chicken in the block. probably one of the best chicken server in town. spicy lemon garlic is the shit. they also have this 49pesos for unlimited juice,cola,coffee and soup. that  coffee latte is likely the culprit. its sort of like a welcome dinner for kuya since he spent last 7 weeks in the states.

after lying in bed for a good 30mins i gave up sleeping. i woke up and continue my list of what-to-bring on my trip. il be gone for nearly 20 days. solas training from jan10 to 16, just in time for sinulog, and after that i will backpack from east to south of mindanao. if all plans pan out well, jump off will be in surigao del norte and end in gen san. tinuy-an falls, hinatuan river, lake sebu and glan are just some of the highlights. thinking of those places is just pure excitement for me. in a trip that long, its difficult to miss on some necessities. that could mean trouble, time and money wasted. so i am making sure everything is complete from medicine kit to water bottle, mp3 player to umbrella and cap, jacket etc etc. i am definitely a lightpacker, i just stick with necessities and it sucks bigtime knowing that after double checking, eliminating those i can leave without.. still its a handful, ok its more than a handful of things. flashlight, extra notebook and pen, match, ziplocks.

this is what i come up so far.

back to mapping out the itinerary. i take it a little seriously when it comes to this matter. sometimes it take days to complete. sometimes its even longer than the actual travel. i take this step as the start of the travel. read about the place, how to get there, how to get around…learn about the must-do’s, must-have’s, must try’s. its fun. i want everything to be in sync even before i head out to the bus terminal, pier, or airport. so, come road-trip, it’l be smooth, no worries. maximizing the whole travel experience.

its minutes after seven, i have not gotten any decent sleep yet, only short fateful naps. its 5 hours before i hit the airport. shoot me now sleep.

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