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Posted on January 11, 2011



i am now in siquijor. mystic island as i call it.

yesterday i was mapping out mindanao. checkin what are my options. i have a week to waste anyway. hehe. i was tempted to hit zamboanga del norte, misamis occidental and siquijor. i actually came up with a feasible itinerary. but due to heavy budget constraints, i let go of the first two. i even considered just sticking in cebu and go to camotes instead. but after some serious thinking, i picked siquijor.

i had been planning to check-out siquijor for the longest time. i dont know what exactly in it that made me feel like wanting so much to go here. i guess theres something about the place that hypnotized my curiousity and left me a feeling of longing for it. ah curiousity.

   i arrived around 8pm in Larena port after a 7hour sail. a cheap 280peso-fare for a long trip on a nice ship. we alighted cebu harbour at 1pm. it was raining and dark clouds loomed all over the city. but the weather had been kind, as we sailed further away from the queen city, the sky lightened up. and the moment we set foot on this island, stars started glowing in the dark night sky.

siquijor has the air of a quaint little town, far away from the chaos of a busy metropolis. the port is clean, roads are wide and everything is simple.

i ate at das traum, a resto, which is a little too pricey for such a town. a porkchop, a vegetable dish, a bottle of lift and two cups of rice costed me a hundred. though its ok since the owner was really helpful and accomodating. she have an inn in the next town and its where im supposed to spend the night at but since i arrived a little late. going to the next town will cost me more since there are no regular trips going there at this time so i opted to stay here in Larena for the night.

i informed the owner through text that i wont be able to use my reservation in her inn in siquijor town tonight and she was polite enough to instruct one of her worker here in das traums Larena branch  to even accompany me to a nearby inn. the owner was my contact person in siquijor. i talked to her this morning while i was still prepping up for the trip.

im spending the night at Siquijor State College guesthouse, as per das traum owner’s recommendation. honestly its a little eerie at first since i had to walk through the dark, silent school campus. the guesthouse is old and its all wood. but as soon as i was welcomed by the staff, all the scare went away. she was all smiles and pretty. the room is clean and spacious. totally worth the 380peso charge.

im very happy with the photos i captured this noon. its actually the reason why i obliged myself to write just so something will come with the photos.

its a good day today and tomorrow will be better. i will roam around the island and just let myself be mystified more by the beauty of the place,people and nothing else.

*thanks to jerik(pinoy boy journals).u helped me bigtime =)

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