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>summer na

February 22, 2011


> medyo sabaw whole day…wala nanaman nangyari sa mga nilalakad… tskone thing i learned today… you can never really run away from something without paying for it(in the end)sisingilin at sisingilin ka pa rin tlga… kahit na 10 taon na nakalipas yon kalokohan ginawa ko.. eto nabuburat na sa kakaayos..hehe tomorrow im hittin the beach…its […]

Pit Senyor!

February 17, 2011


> i  lived in Cebu most part of 2010. i left Cebu and moved back to Manila just days before November. all through out my stay, they said my Cebu stint will never be completed not until i experienced Sinulog. they said Cebu transforms fully during this time of year. and , oh my, were they spot […]

>Where the Hell is Matt?

February 16, 2011


> all-time favorite video… one of the things that moved me to go backpacking… i never stopped since… and will continue doing so… this video never failed to make me smile… and leave me teary-eyed at the near-end.. nice to bump into this vid *i am officially adding this, to dance with this guy, to […]

Dmgte Qcky

February 14, 2011


i took the ferry bound for dumaguete worth hundred pesos and one hour. i arrived in dumaguete at 2pm.

>sunday gloomy sunday

February 7, 2011


> isa sa mga araw na walang kwenta… lumipas ng walang nangyayari…

>turning into a new leaf

February 2, 2011


> ***as much as i really wanted to keep this site updated with my musings and whatnot.. i just cant find time(excuse)/interest to write about them. im an expert in procrastination, it comes out naturally, damn. patong patong na yon mga, stories etc.. walang nappost..hehe. so to compensate for that am gonna post new […]