Dmgte Qcky

Posted on February 14, 2011


on my way back to Cebu, i took a different route. instead of taking the 1-ride siquijor(larena)-cebu ship that leaves at midnight, i took the ferry bound for dumaguete worth hundred pesos and one hour. i arrived in dumaguete at 2pm.
i took a tricycle from pier to ceres bus terminal. 10 pesos. earliest bus bound for cebu leaves at 10pm. i got 8 hours to kill. so i did the thing im avoiding the most, which is contacting my friend kim. she lives in manila but she’s in their house in dumaguete for the holidays.alam ko nang di ako makakauwi ng cebu that night pagnkpagmeet ako kay kim. which is bad because carla flew-in cebu that noon for sinulog. at dahil madali naman ako mapilit at kaladkarin, yon na nga ang nangyari. i called kim and they picked me up at the boulevard around 4. good thing i was able to take pictures around the city before they arrived.

i was drinking with my guards on. i cant drink too much because im hitting the high road that night and its going to be a not-so-short trip, 5-6hrs. so i did pass on some of my turns on the alcohol. while most friends of mine like to catch a few drinks before riding the bus, i despise it. i like taking long bus rides and gulping down beer is a pastime but doing it simultaneously? bad. i did it a couple of times in the past. i almost threw-out. wasted is probably the apt word to describe the feeling. but then again, knowing my self-control ability, something bad was bound to happen that night. and so it did. after bottles of beer and tanduay at kims house..then to her friends house i got drunk.

i was persistent in going home, cebu. so they dropped me a couple of minutes before the bus departure at the terminal. i told them they can go home, il just wait since the bus is leaving in 10mins,and theyre all drunk that time. so they left.

and the moment i hit the bleachers, 5 minutes before they allow passengers to hop in the bus, i fell asleep. i woke up 10:30. bus left at 10. so i waited for the next bus, departing at 11:30. naalimpungatan ako alas dose na. it happened 3 more times.  half-awake, can barely open my eyes, can barely stand, dizzy. i was laying down  with the bleachers as my bed and my backpack as my pillow. around 4:30 i regained my consciousness.. but this time i was determined to catch the next bus which leaves at 5. i bought a cup of steamy, hot, spicy noodles and mint candies to awaken my senses. i hopped in the bus as soon as it was parked.
it was a long 7-hour-ride. 220pesos. i was struggling the whole time. struggled to sleep. struggled to not throw out. i was wasted. i never alighted during bus stops. i had the slightest concern about what would my 50-something grannie seatmate would say about me sleeping on my sit na parang kawayan psway-sway left and right. hehe. sigurado inis na inis yon sa kin. kasi kung ako may katabing ganun, ssemplangin ko pra di na galaw ng galaw.haha

lasing talaga. ansakit ng ulo ko. dumating ako sa cebu after lunch. it was one of the worst bus rides. tas sa hapon meet si carla. ngpamassage tas gimik na ulit nun gabi sa cebu.