Pit Senyor!

Posted on February 17, 2011



i  lived in Cebu most part of 2010. i left Cebu and moved back to Manila just days before November. all through out my stay, they said my Cebu stint will never be completed not until i experienced Sinulog. they said Cebu transforms fully during this time of year. and , oh my, were they spot on..
so i drew out a plan weeks before sinulog. plan was to arrive a week early to jump-start my “seaman” career and experience the sinulog festivities at the same time. that “seaman” thing will be a different post altogether. a couple of mishaps happened and ruined, well almost, my whole month of january itinerary. but lets skip all that for now.
i dont even know how to story-tell the whole story. lol. labo. it was a big party. it was a blast every night before the big day. all i know is that were drunk every single time. sunday, the mardigras. it was raining, even hard at times. but the merriment just cant be stopped. after waiting for hours for the rain to stop, we gave up and just braved the rain. most of the city streets were closed, and those that were open were impassable just the same due to large number of people on the streets. we parked in ayala and walked our way to mango ave. it was crazy. i wonder where the hell did all those people come from. it was like midnight sale at SM only 10x the volume of people and 10x the fun and excitement.
the party started at dusk on the streets near mango ave. we were in baseline. bottles of beer were scattered on the streetsides. girls were wet from the rain and beer, and boy they were dancing on tables. it was wild, and hot..wicked. the rain poured at times. cant make out what other things happened that night from the time we started dancing under the rain and beer onwards.
all i remember was the day after that, that fateful monday was the start of my SOLAS training in University of Visayas at 9am. and that cant be missed. i cant afford to miss it. i was still drunk when i got in the training center. drunk and an hour late. it was a long 8-hour lecture. and half of it i was in dreamland.


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