learning to fly

Posted on April 15, 2011


i struggled for the longest time on how i can take charge of my life and move forward. cos i got stuck in a haywire for real long time. i tried to walk away but i fell, over and over again, so many times i lost count on them.
but after what seemed like an eternity of failing and falling, 2 years ago things started to pick-up. from crawling, i was able to dust myself up; then i walked, then ran, then leaped and now im about to soar and fly. literally. =)

*i am fixing my papers for abroad and im almost done. i have a job offer already. this morning i got some of the last few requirements. the only thing thats keeping me from that “greener side” is the visa. i hope to get it next week. yeah its been crazy for the last couple of weeks. awesomely crazy.

its gonna be a long journey and i have no intent of arriving.

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