three fools, a seatsale and a princess

Posted on April 21, 2011


Puerto Prinsesa

after numerous fateful attempts, i blind booked a ticket to palawan to seal the deal. one night, my sister asked me to book tickets to boracay for my birthday, then gave me her credit card. being the obedient brother that i am, i booked her tickets, and without permission i booked palawan tickets as well. with no money at hand, and no signs of money coming(jobless), i was only holding onto one my lifes guiding principles that “Things  got a way of working out in the end”-no relation at all. just felt like sharing it. lol. plan was to tell my sister after boracay trip. ililibre niya ako sa lahat ng gastos sa boracay e, tas yon susunod na week mgppalawan naman pala ako. bka bawiin yon libre. haha. epic fail though. she did know it.

its two months before the trip and its my first time to save money. first move: never did i touch money given to me last christmas. no divisoria shirt or boardshort even. and even in my meals, i became a forced vegetarian. since its half the price cheaper than pork and chicken dishes in karinderyas. fastfood chain was a no no. no taxis on weekend gimiks kahit gumapang sa pagkalasing. at bawal ang extra ulam. ang extra rice gang isa lang din. lol

in the end, i did come up a little more than 5k. good enough to backpack palawan. =)

this is the first beach trip of the woodies. my crew(parang gangsta lang). we used to live in kingwood, thus woodies. ken is from puerto prinsesa and he was there since last holidays.

me and moy took first flights to palawan, me on zest and the fat one on airphils. funny story in the plane. my parents didn’t know i was headed to palawan. i said im just gonna hike in one of the mountains in rizal. cos if they knew, they’l cut less on my allowance since i can still afford such trip. were on a tight budget as of press time cos a big move of me is in the works and il be needing a good amount of money on that. so we need to save as much as we can. =)

in the airport, i noticed a family who is also from our province and a good friend of erpats. so i sitted in a corner far from them. come boarding time, i saw them lining up so i hurried and while they were taking pictures in the tarmac, i settled quickly onto my seat beside the aisle. then pull my cap down a little and pretended to be asleep. the plane probably sits around a hundred pax. guests continued to pour in and  head to their assigned seats. the two seats beside me were still vacant’ then a slight tap on my shoulders. since i was bowed down i first saw the shoes. i already knew it was them so even before they recognized me(habang kunyari gulat ako) i gave my hi’s and my warmest smile to them. then we chitchatted and then they asked the stewardess to take a picture of us pa. wapak na wapak. walang takas. but i was still hopefful. sabi ko papunta pa lang sila bka sakali dahil sa dami ng mapupuntahan nilang tourist spots at makikilalang tao baka makalimutan nilang nakita nila ako paguwi nila sa probinsya. lol. epic fail again.

ken waited long for this trip, we did too, he pretty much planned out the whole 5 days. we just dropped of our bags then headed straight to the beach, honda bay. nothing spectacular. definitely less beautiful than how they showcased it be. good marketing. best part is Luli Island, the jump board. what made it memorable though is in one of my jumps, i landed directly on a sea urchin. at least 4 spikes pierced through my left foot. i peed on it as per mamang bangkero’s advise. it did nothing though aside from leaving my foot with spikes now added with stench. it did hurt im not gonna be pmacho on that hehe. i took it lightly though and just thought of it like a souvenir of my trip. so i was spiked for the rest of the trip.

what i liked most about Puerto prinsesa is the laid-back feel. people are relaxed. single motors and wranglers can be often seen on the tree-adored streets. you will never feel your in a city. on hot afternoons, i would take naps on the hammock under the mango tree in kens backyard  swayed to sleep by the provincial winds of Puerto. some nights we would hit reggae-themed bars and just chill or billiards. we pretty much covered everything there is to see  in Puerto courtesy of kens old orange wrangler with speakers blasted good ‘ol bob Marley songs. nothing beats fooling around with fools. good times. we met lots of interesting characters too. those two chics with babies. nico who gets high because he likes the “light” feeling so light he couldn’t dare lay hands and kill a cockroach. he talks slo-mo with a grin on his face every time. and their house is like the type of hide-outs of villains you see in pinoy action flicks; high fence, low-roof, few screened windows and a rundown bus parked on the backyard and boy he got decent epektos. kens dad is really cool  and chao long of Bona’s is the shiznit. badjao seafront is hands down the best resto in all of palawan. =) (i think i should get a freebie on that). baybay. mitras place. bakers hill. nichies.

one day we went to sabang. woke up early only to get stuck when our wrangler front left tire ran on a sharp stone thus a flat tire. our asses were well covered though since ken’s family has sort-of good “connections” in the city. we didnt need to secure permits for the underground river, and best part is we need not to line-up for the boat. despite the long line that day in the port somebody got us a boat all to oursleves =). sweet. highlight of the sabang trip is the boatman. that fukcin funny boatman jun jun. i was laughing the whole tour.

after  five days of fun, sun and good times, we bade adieu to puerto prinsesa despite numerous attempts of ken to block the el nido trip. after several arguments and cold treatment ken finally gave in and drove us to the bus terminal for el nido. he couldnt join the trip since he got plane ticket back to manila the next day.

puerto prinsesa is alluringly different from other cities. it has the city’s going-ons but with a rural’s fresh vibe. it has a busy thouroughfare; a number of nightspots; good beaches; and mountain rock formations.

it is beautiful. they would have not  named it princess for nothing =)