the boston drama

Posted on May 18, 2011



the boston drama- closed chapter- onto the next one.

most of my days for the last couple of months have been used up to closing in to that boston dream. a dream i never knew was mine until my life started revolving around it. the cook-off, interviews, skype interviews, job offer, gathering all the requirements up to that denied visa application. four months of highs and lows; skyhighs and all-time lows. surely it still crosses my mind at times how nice that opportunity WAS but thats life i guess. it sucks; sometimes, somehow; everybody has to fall.

and now i am starting to appreciate again the sweetness of new beginnings; coldness of morning breeze, aroma of that first coffee cup and  warm rays of the 6am summer-sun. it dawned on me when i received a call for a job interview an hour ago that theres a big world out there, full of big opportunities which i discounted ever since i zeroed-on onto that Boston thing. now, i have let go. i am in condition to charge on and move forward.

tomorrow i have an interview for a content-writer post. who would have thought.
it is indeed a box of chocolates; sweet-tasting, rich and creamy chocolates.

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