no more excuses

Posted on May 22, 2011


its a principle i forcedly apply to myself but not fully. its a work in progress. its not easy, lethargy and procrastination are difficult enemies.

but i have improved on this one, greatly. i used to come up with excuses for my bad behaviors and failures in the past and it is something i hate so much. when i had defeats, i would make excuses so i could put blame on someone or something and that was supposed to make myself feel a little better but i was wrong. who was i kidding, right. as i grew up, i realized that we all fall and fail but instead of making excuses, worst make lies, accept it and just do something about it. act on it. better yourself.

i am planning to have this inked to my body. i want it to be placed in my lower left arm. hopefully soon, as soon as i find a good tattoo artist. i do not have any design yet on how it will appear but thats something i am going to entrust the artist with. i just want those words to be perpetually inscribed on my skin. i strongly believe on those words and that will serve as my guide and reminder about the things i want and should do in my life, and that i should not make any more excuses.

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