Lutong “Macau”

Posted on July 27, 2011


if theres anything unscrupulous about the whole dining experience would be to assume that the food is good even before the whole degustation process had taken place. and oooh, my guts were spot-on. so there goes my lutong makaw.

the name of the place is IFT educational restaurant. dont be fooled by the name, the food here is no-way close to school pantry whip-ups.

the only throwback of eating out(going out) in Macau though is the language barrier. even going from point a to point b can be challenging. it took us a couple of taxis before finally flagging down someone who can transport us to cocina de mongha. the difficult thing is, most cab drivers(and most of Macanese in general) do not speak or understand english. they can barely write or read in english either.

the fifth taxi driver we hailed was very clever. he can read numbers(not letters) in english. i have the name of the restaurant, address and phone number in a piece of paper. he asked for the phone number, he dialed it then asked them on where they are located and whats the name of the restaurant in cantonese. then off we went.

it was a birthday gift to my sister. i booked it a week before when we were still back in Manila. i have read that reservation is the best way to go in this restaurant, so i reserved it ahead of time.

set lunch was $140 macau patacas( P700, $18 US). breads and dips. appetizer. entree. dessert buffet. it was reasonably-priced considering the quality of the food, place and atmosphere.

it is a fine-dining restaurant complete with an extensive wine selection, bow-tied wait staff and fancy cutleries. something im not used to but i liked it nonetheless. its a welcome break from my hawker stall and carinderia eating routine.

aside from the baccarat tables of Venetian, the dining tables of IFT is undoubtedly a must-experience for macau-goers. im betting all-in on this one.

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